An Adorable, Floppy-Tongued Dog Goes On An Exciting IKEA Adventure

May 15, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Marnie is a 12-year-old rescued Shih Tzu who also happens to be a social-media sensation. She has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, has her own website, Twitter handle and YouTube channel. Marnie was 10 years old when she was rescued from the streets of Connecticut and was named "Stinky" by the animal center staff, for obvious reasons. But after four months at the shelter, she was adopted by New York City native Shirley Braha via a post. Braha was told that Stinky was blind in one eye. After getting her home, Braha named her Marnie (after musician Marnie Stern) and immediately took her to the vet's office.

After removing 14 decaying teeth, Marnie began to smell much better. As for the adorable head tilt? Marnie's doctors believe she is a survivor of an illness called vestibular disease, which she must have had before she was adopted. Many times, after recovering, dogs continue to live a normal, pain-free, happy life, but often with a head tilt. As for Marnie's ever-present tongue, it seems she was just blessed with a longer-than-average tongue. Regardless, Marnie's qualities make her one of the cutest animals on social media.
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