An Artist Turns A Watermelon Into A Fierce Dragon

Aug 3, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Watermelons are a summertime favorite, so it's hardly any surprise that people try to find all kinds of ways to spruce them up a little bit. I personally like to blend them with lots of lemon juice and some mint for a truly refreshing drink that tastes like summer in a glass, but what Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica does with them is definitely on a whole other level. This video was posted to his YouTube about a year ago, but has only recently started to go viral after a still from the video was posted to Reddit where it became massively popular. In case you're interested, the same YouTube account has several other incredible vegetable carvings as well.

The art of carving vegetables and fruits into delicate and complex sculptures dates back to the 13th century royal courts of East Asia (it is disputed whether the art first began in Thailand, China or Japan), in an attempt to make the items more visually stimulating for kings and queens.
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