An Elaborate "Prank" Brings Unsuspecting Strangers Together For An Impromptu Dance Party

Apr 8, 2015 By Serena Hayes
When they saw a train car decked out with velour red rope, these unsuspecting subway riders didn't know that the train they were boarding was going to turn into a dance party. Equipped with a DJ, soundboard, lights and music, this underground funfest was captured on video. Creative Director of AMK Productions, Meir Kalmanson and his friends organized this social experiment in hopes that it will break down the communication walls and help commuters connect with each other more.

In order to make sure there would be enough room for both the passengers and their equipment, everything was set up after rush hour. It's nice to see complete strangers interacting in a positive manner. Hopefully this philosophy will compel more of us to strike up a friendly conversation with strangers. That just might be the highlight of their day.
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