An Inside Look At How The Prestigious Oscar Is Made

Feb 22, 2015
This year the Academy Awards is in its 87th year of awarding the cinematic achievements in the film industry. On this night, the top leaders of this field gather to see who is awarded an Academy Award of Merit, more commonly called an Oscar.

The Oscar is the most coveted award in the movie industry and the Academy Awards is the oldest entertainment awards ceremony. With a ceremony that is deeply entrenched in its history, this distinguished award has looked the same (excluding minor changes to the base) since 1929.

Each statuette weighs in at 8.5 pounds and stands at a height of 13.5 inches. Since 1982, R.S. Owens & Company in Chicago has been responsible for creating the Oscar trophies that are handed out onstage. It takes between 8 to 10 hours to complete a single statue from its raw state to its 24-karat gold finish. Let's take an inside look at how the Oscar trophy is prepared in this fascinating video.
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