An Old Man Takes His Dogs For A Train Ride

Sep 23, 2015 By John-Michael Bond

The best funny videos are the ones that end up having a touching backstory. Today's example is this clip of Eugene Bostick of Fort Worth, Texas and his incredible dog train. On its face, this video is enough, a sweet old man riding a tractor, pulling along a bunch of adorable puppy dogs. It's gold. However, It turns out there’s more to Eugene Bostick.

When he retired, Bostick started a dog rescue, picking up stray dogs that had been abandoned near his property. He has them spayed and neutered, then allows them to run free on his lot and live in his barn. After seeing a tractor being used to pull carts of rocks one day Bostick was inspired to create his dog train, cutting up plastic barrels for each puppy’s seat and attaching wheels to them. He takes the adorable parade out at least once a week, much to the pleasure of Fort Worth residents and the dogs. You can read an interview with Eugene Bostick about his glorious dog train over at The Dodo

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