An Unnerving Look At How Technology Has Changed Our Kids' Lives

Aug 9, 2015 By Hannah Austin
What did you do for fun as a kid? Chances are, the answer depends on your age. While children of the 1960s, 70s and 80s were encouraged to play outside, a lot has changed today. More families live in urban areas, and more often than not, both parents work full-time jobs. There is little time to supervise children outdoors, and with widely publicized threats of kidnapping and other dangers, parents are more wary than ever to let their kids outside alone. These fears, combined with a sharp spike in television, video game and Internet culture, has resulted in a generation that is quite used to staying indoors.

However, Nature Valley, a name you probably recognize from the package of your favorite granola bars, is seeking to change that. By opening a dialogue between three generations of parents, grandparents and kids, they hope to remind families to take time for nature. The world is a beautiful place – all we need to do is put down our phones and take a look.
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