Anamorphic Sculpture In Action.

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The concept of anamorphic images in artwork, or images that appear distorted until viewed at the correct angle, or through some sort of corrective mirror or lens, dates back to at least Leonardo Da Vinci, famed artist and scientist. It may even go all the way back to the cavemen days, but that’s up for debate. Optical illusions in art have been popular for literal ages, both as a means to achieving creative vision, and also to draw crowds. The masses always enjoy a trick of the eye, it gets their brains going in ways that traditional portraiture just can’t manage.

Thomas Medicus has drawn on several scientific principles to make his “Emergence Lab” sculpture transform almost magically as it is rotated. Depending on how you look at this glass cube, you may see nothing at all, a muddled mess, or one of several detailed images, only viewable at precise angles.