Apparently Tea Can Be Used For More Than Just Drinking

Feb 12, 2015
Hong Yi is a Malaysian artist and architect who goes by the nickname "Red." She is known for constantly seeking ways to create art outside the bounds of a paintbrush. Her goal is to create "bigger than life" art. Recently, she used 20,000 tea bags to create 10 different shades of the color brown.

She skillfully steeped tea bags to different degrees to create different shades of brown, and used it to construct an image of a man pouring Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik (literally meaning "pulled tea") is a hot drink composed of tea and milk, and is a very popular drink in Malaysia. Although Red comes from Chinese heritage, her parents relocated to Malaysia before she was born. After attending university in Australia, she moved to Shanghai and began work with HASSELL, an Australian architectural firm. Red now runs her own design studio and travels between Malaysia and Shanghai.
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