Artist's "Dance Of Digging" Reveals Stunning Sanctuary

Jan 23, 2015
The talent of Ra Paulette literally oozes from his caves. That's right, his caves. He has dedicated ten years of his life to creating beautiful works of art in New Mexico. Paulette carves his man-made caves out of sandstone rock with only basic tools and his hands.

According to his website, Paulette sets manual labor as the foundation for his work and believes digging to be a "whole body activity," engaging emotionally and physically with the work. He spent his life as a drifter and he was a college dropout, discharged from the Navy, and had hitchhiked across the U.S. holding random jobs in dozens of cities.

Paulette learned his art in the summer of 1985 while working for an excavator in Dixon and made his first cave in 1987. He filled it and closed it soon after because so many wanted to visit the cave that it became a safety issue. Paulette continues his work on public land and his life is the subject of an Oscar nominated documentary.
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