Baby Elephant Runs To Lovingly Greet Her Favorite Volunteer Every Day

Jan 15, 2016 By Archit Tripathi

Elephants are incredibly noble, majestic creatures. Despite their large size and sometimes clumsy demeanour, they're actually highly intelligent animals with incredibly sharp memories. Some elephants have been known to remember each other even after several decades of separation. They are also highly social animals who form strong emotional bonds not just with each other, but also with any humans who may be taking care of them.

In this video, we see a glimpse of what is a daily ritual for a baby elephant, Kham La, and some members of her herd. Kham La lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Her name means "Darling" in Thai, and ever since she and her mother were brought to the park a few years ago, that's exactly what she's been. Among the many volunteers that work at the park, Kham La's favorite seems to be a volunteer tractor driver named Darrick.

Every morning as Darrick drives his tractor route around the park, she runs over to him as soon as she spots him. She trumpets loudly to let him know she's ready for her morning cuddle session, which Darrick seems all too happy to oblige her with. Clearly, these two have a very special connection.

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