Baby Weasels Are Surprisingly Noisy Little Creatures

Jun 8, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Although Jeff Zenger established his YouTube channel back in February 2013, he has never uploaded a video, until now. His recent upload is a viral sensation with over 930,000 views in just three days. Regardless of the animals' absolute cuteness in this video, there is more to the video's viral nature than originally meets the eye.

There is debate regarding whether these sweet little guys are ferrets or weasels. Upon comparing pictures in a google image search, they seem to resemble the weasel. Although ferrets and weasels are cousins, the stand-out feature seems to be coloring. Ferrets are normally brown, black or mixed and seem to have a thicker or fluffier coat than weasels. Weasels are similarly shaped but are typically brown or red with a white underbelly.

The other main difference seems to be that ferrets are typically domesticated, whereas weasels are usually seen out in the wild, as in this case.
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