Baby Won't Stop Crying Until He Hears The Imperial March.

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While babies usually cry whenever they're scared, hungry, tired or dirty, the way to soothe them in a given scenario tends to vary wildly from baby to baby. Some babies will only calm down during a car ride, some need a special blanket or toy and others still seem to respond best to some kind of lullaby.

Of course to a weary parent, it doesn't really matter what method is used as long as it results in one thing - a quiet baby. 

For Micah Hayman's son, that cure-all remedy is the famous "Imperial March" from Star Wars. The song is usually played anytime one of the bad guys (most notably Darth Vader) enters a scene.

We can't be sure if this tiny tot is quieting down because of his respect for Darth Vader, or because he's afraid of him, but it seems to work every time.

Either way, though he may be young, it's clear that the force is strong with this one.