Baseball Fan Manages To Catch A Rogue Bat With One Hand

May 27, 2015 By Houston Barber
It is common to go to a baseball game and expect to catch a ball hit into the stands. What no one is prepared for, though, is a bat being thrown full speed into the crowd. That is exactly what happened at this minor league game in St. Paul, Minnesota between the St. Paul Saints and the Fargo Redhawks. The two teams compete in the Independent League, which trains players for the major leagues, but any scout at this game would observe that the true talent was in the stands.

Luckily, this fan was able to not only keep himself and those around him from danger, but also look really cool while doing it. Unfortunately, he was not able to keep the souvenir, but that is probably a small price to pay for making the play of the game without even having to put on a uniform.
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