Basketball Cop Is Back On The Beat And He Brought Backup ... Or Rather Shaq-Up.

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Basketball Cop, better known to his family and friends as Officer Bobby White (okay, maybe his family and friends just call him Bobby), made the news for the best reason possible. When he got the call to respond to a noise complaint and showed up to find the “noise” was simply kids playing basketball, he did what any rational human being would. He joined in and shot some hoops.

Well, that attracted a few more kids to the game, and soon Officer White found himself a little outclassed. Bowing out gracefully, he promised to return, with “backup.” Neither Officer White nor the kids had any idea at the time just what kind of backup he’d be bringing with him. It turns out that after dashcam footage of the police officer went viral, none other than Shaquille O’Neal contacted the Gainesville Police Department, wanting to pay a special visit to those kids.

The police department kept it a secret, at first taking even Officer White by surprise. He then returned to the kids, all smiles and with a ton of police in tow. At first the kids thought they were just going to get to take an entire police department to school on the court, but then Shaq stepped out, basically blowing everyone’s minds.

As the public information officer for the department, Ben Tobias, said, "The takeaway here is these kids were out, not inside playing video games, getting exercise and having fun. As a society, we've gotten away from letting kids be kids." It was his decision to keep Shaq’s visit a secret. He wanted to really show these kids that, despite the police showing up, there’s nothing wrong with a little basketball. We’re sure they’ll never forget that message.