Bear Makes A Catch That Would Make Most NFL Wide Receivers Jealous

Jun 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
This Kodiak bear is a resident of the Olympic Game Farm, a zoo and animal sanctuary in Washington. The animals here are often pretty tame because they were raised by people. Some were even Hollywood stunt animals, so the zoo provides them with a safe, comfortable place to live since they can't go back to the wild.

Bears are generally known for their size and strength, so very little credit is given to their reflexes. As the bear in the video shows, however, you shouldn't underestimate the hand-eye coordination just because they don't look nimble. During the NFL offseason, the Chicago Bears lost prize receiver Brandon Marshall, but after seeing this video I think they should go more literal with their next talent acquisition. With those hands, and the fact that defenders won't want to get anywhere near an actual bear, I smell touchdowns galore.
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