Beautiful Timelapse Shows Us The Stars We'd See If Cities Had Less Light Pollution

Apr 30, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
Photographers Gavin Heffernan, Harun Mehmedinovic and Nathaniel Smith worked together to create this beautiful timelapse video of Los Angeles beneath the night sky. This is not an average timelapse video, though, as it shows us what the night sky would look like without the extreme levels of light pollution faced by many of the world's major cities. The stars seen in the video are a result of "astrophotography," a form of photography that uses long exposure to capture star trails through the sky, making the stars more visible.

Their project, SKYGLOW, is backed by the International Dark-Sky Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight light pollution and preserve the natural darkness of the night. SKYGLOW explores the stars and the relationships between humans and the night sky.
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