Before He Was Famous, Kobe Bryant Asked A 10-Year-Old Girl If He Should Go Pro

Jul 3, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Kobe Bryant is one of the biggest names in basketball, and has been entertaining fans and winning championships for the Los Angeles Lakers for nearly 20 years now. In that time, he has earned 5 NBA championship rings, 17 NBA All-Star nominations (including four Most Valuable Player awards at the All-Star games), two NBA Finals MVP awards and 2008 NBA MVP Of The Year. It's safe to say that he is one of the greatest athletes on the planet, and among the absolute elites of professional basketball.

Back in 1996, Kobe Bryant was just a 17-year-old kid from Philadelphia trying to figure out how to handle making the biggest decision of his life: declare for the NBA draft straight out of high school, or go to college and then try to go pro. Kobe was a highly scouted recruit, so interest from both sides was flooding in. It was while pondering this decision that he met a 10-year-old girl on the subway and asked her for advice. In this video, that girl is now all grown up and recounts the day she met the future NBA superstar.
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