"Blue Suede Shoes" With The Music Removed.

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A sense of humor: just how important is it to have? Well, Google it, and you'll get everything from six-step how-to's all the way to scientific studies on the matter. This humor thing is a serious business.

Truly, humor is an important aspect in life; from relationships to entertainment, we spend a lot of time chasing the desire to lighten our day. All with good reason, as studies show (See? I told you there was science involved) that humor is part of our "mental fitness" and that there is a link between humor and intelligence. Maybe that's why those quips are called wisecracks

Anyway, when looking at humor, we find some useful life skills along our comedic journey. Humor shows a quick and agile mind. If you've seen comics interviewed, you know how quickly they can turn a phrase into a joke. Second, humor is a great relief in times of stress. Those of us blessed with being able to see a silver lining in every situation usually have a witty remark about it, even in the toughest of times. This flows into another aspect of humor, which gauges how well someone handles a crisis. It turns out laughter is a great coping skill. This also leads to optimism. If you can learn to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which hopefully isn't an oncoming train, you will likely finish a difficult moment in life feeling as if anything is possible.

However you define humor and whatever kind you seek for comfort, it's good to know it connects us all. It raises up those feeling down and, sometimes, drags the mighty back down to our level. Now, just go listen to these squeaky suede shoes ...

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