Bob Marley Gives The Perfect Response When Asked If He Has A Lot Of Money

Aug 17, 2015 By Houston Barber
Many superstar musicians live a life of extravagance and luxury. Bob Marley did not. Despite being one of the most famous singers in the world, Marley always stayed close to his poverty-stricken Jamaican roots and firmly believed that money was no source of happiness.

Although he only lived to be 36, Marley departed a lot of wisdom to the world that is still impacting people today. His thoughts on money and material possessions were always the most important to him. According to his son Ziggy, the last words Bob Marley said on his deathbed were "Money can't buy life." Marley just didn't speak those words, he lived it and dedicated his life to spreading that message. The world is a better place because Bob Marley was in it.
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