Bulldog Loses His Mind When He Gets To Doggy Playground

Jul 15, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Remember the first time you ever went to a place where they had a ball pit? I was actually a little bit older when I first saw one but it doesn't even matter because such is the nature of ball pits that no matter how old you are, you really want to get in when you see one. It's hard to say just what exactly it is about essentially swimming in a pool of thousands of small plastic balls, but as this video proves it's clearly a universally shared love.

When a little black French Bulldog called Eva experiences ball pits for the first time, she goes understandably crazy. She bounces excitedly back and forth between the two ball pits at this indoor doggie playground, barely able to contain her happiness. She's like a kid on Christmas who doesn't know what toy she wants to play with first. She gets so worked up that she eventually has to stop and catch her breath and take a water break, which I can only assume was followed by another round of vigorous playing.
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