Caged Spectators Get A Surprise Of A Lifetime When An Angry Shark Approaches

Jul 6, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
If there is one thing we humans are most cautious of in the ocean, it is sharks. However, their seemingly vicious demeanor is almost always overestimated. Most sharks are far too tiny to harm any human severely. The fact still stands that over 20 shark attacks have been recorded in 2015. This sadly includes the recent attacks in North Carolina. Luckily, these spectators were safe inside a shark-proof cage.

The reason for their aggression isn't because they desire to prey on us. Sharks are simply misunderstood. They are in no way mindless killing machines, but when they are challenged, they can be quite the predator. Here is a close look at an aggravated shark. The spectators didn't see this coming.
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