Car Cassette Player From 1992 Still Beats Today's Sound Systems

May 28, 2015 By Houston Barber
Everyone knows that cassette tapes died out years ago, alongside VCRs and video rental stores. You might wish that never happened after you see this amazing cassette tape player demonstrated by YouTube user Sathyan Thambirajah. The amazing 26-year-old piece of technology works like new and is more advanced than almost every sound system available today.

The equipment is a Kenwood KRC999, bought by Sathyan in Hong Kong in 1992, four years after it was first produced. The cassette player is incredibly rare to find, let alone purchase. There are currently none available for sale on eBay, but past models sell for upwards of $700. So always remember to hold on to your sound equipment, because you never know what future hipster will want to buy it.
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