Carbonating Fruit With Dry Ice

Oct 18, 2015 By Jake Brannon

With Halloween less than two weeks away, you'll probably encounter some dry ice if you haven't already. Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is commonly used as a Halloween decoration because it produces a thick fog when placed in water. This process, referred to as sublimation, is one of a variety of uses for dry ice which include preserving or flash freezing food, making ice cream and carbonating beverages. 

You might think we've discovered every use for dry ice, but the folks over at Chef Steps have found a new function that might just change the way we experience fruit. Chris Young and Grant Crilly, two self-proclaimed nerds, teach us how we can carbonate our favorite fruit and get the fizzy sensation of soda from natural foods. Remember to handle dry ice with care before embarking on your own fizzy fruit adventure.

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