Carving A Chess Rook From An Aluminum Is Strangely Fascinating

Sep 18, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
A CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathe is a machine that combines the sculpting capabilities of a traditional lathe cutting machine with the pinpoint precision of computer programming. These machines are capable of carving incredibly delicate and minute patterns into solid objects via a complicated spinning mechanism. The end results are incredible, but the process of watching the CNC subtly slice away at a piece of metal is beautiful to behold.

In this video, the CNC is carving a chess piece, specifically a rook, from a solid aluminum bar. Within a few minutes, you'll start to see the familiar shape of the piece begin to form. Smooth edges and angles appear as if the aluminum is melting away. By the time the machine got to the final round of detail work, we had been lulled into a soothing daze thanks to the soft carving sounds and the shining spinning of the metal. Enjoy this example of the possible surprising beauty hiding behind modern industrial design.
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