Chicken Needs To Confirm This Boy's Identity Before Giving Him A Hug

May 22, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Gretchen Brumley might only have 735 subscribers but she has almost 2.5 million views. How can this be? Well, it has to do with her chicken, nicknamed Love Bird, and her chicken's best friend, Mason. Love Bird and Mason go way back as social media stars - at least since Mason was 6. The two are known online because Love Bird and Mason love to hug.

Love Bird wakes him up in the morning and greets him after school each day with a hug. Brumley said that Love Bird, originally named Snowflake, was an aggressive bird until she was won over by Mason. Recently, Mason got a new haircut and his best buddy did not recognize him at first, but she quickly figured it out.
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