Chicken Roosts On Horse's Head.

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All these years we've been trying to figure out why the chicken crossed the road, but now we have an even more pressing question – why did the chicken roost on the horse's head? On February 7, Nancy Elwood, of Elk City, Oklahoma, went to check on her horses when she was confronted with a bizarre sight. There, on her horse Rocky's head sat Chickaleta the chicken. Neither animal seemed to find their situation unusual; in fact, both seemed quite content.

Nancy knew no one would ever believe her story, but luckily she had her cell phone in her pocket. After taking the video she uploaded it to Facebook, where it's received over 2.1 million views in just three days. If there was ever a video with all the makings of a viral hit, this is it!

But, back to that chicken. What was he doing on Rocky's head? For those of us who haven't spent much time on the farm, what Chickaleta was doing is known as “roosting.” By instinct, chickens seek out a high, safe place to “roost,” or in other words, sleep. They often sleep in a group for warmth and protection, which speaks volumes about the kind of friendship these two creatures have. Clearly Chickaleta finds her friend Rocky's head to be a nice, safe spot for a rest. We're just glad we got to witness this hilarious sight.