Child Safety Issues Become All Too Real In This Social Experiment.

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According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), there were nearly 467,000 abductions in 2014 of children under the age of 18. Which means that every 40 seconds, a child is reported as missing or abducted in the United States.

There are three distinct types of kidnappings: kidnapping by relative of the victim (49 percent of all cases), kidnapping by acquaintance (27 percent) and kidnapping by stranger (24 percent). And, it is known that stranger abductions are usually done in an outside setting. Viral YouTube personality "JoeySalads" decided to take stranger kidnappings and the education of children regarding "stranger danger" to the test.

He initiates his experiment by asking parents if they have talked to their children about strangers and asks for permission to move forward with the experiment on that parent's child. The results, especially when watching this as a parent, are terrifying. Although Salads experimental group is small, it causes one to wonder - "What would my child do in this situation?" And even, "What more could we be doing to educate our children?"