Classy Canadian Football Players Re-Enact A Joke "Family Guy" Made About Their Team

Jun 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
You have to hand it to the Toronto Argonauts (a team in the Canadian Football League): they know how to take a joke. Back in February of this year, in Season 13, Episode 11 of "Family Guy," the show poked fun at the CFL by featuring a cutaway gag of a fictional episode of the "Hard Knocks" sports series focusing on the Argonauts. The gag had two extremely polite players idly chatting about how they wish the best for each other and their desires to be sensible with their salaries.

Well, now it's summer and training camp is on for real across the CFL. In spite of that (or perhaps because of it?), Argonauts long snappers Jake Reinhart and Dan McDonald were able to find the time to re-enact that very joke in real life. Canada, if you're listening, the fact that you even take a joke more politely than we do isn't helping your image... but cheers to you for being our ever-friendly neighbor.
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