Comedic Magician "Piff The Magic Dragon" Gets A Little Help From Heidi Klum

Jun 5, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
John van der Put is a comedian and magician from London, England who goes by the stage name "Piff the Magic Dragon." Van der Put started out working in the IT industry before transitioning to magic. After years of corporate gigs he developed the character of Piff the Magic Dragon and became known for his deadpan delivery and self-deprecating humor.

Piff has made several appearances in popular media, including the album cover for Mumford & Sons' "Babel." He also has a regular act in Las Vegas along with his assistant Mr. Piffles, a chihuahua in a dragon costume. Don't let the silly costume fool you though, van der Put is a serious magician who is one of the youngest members and lecturers of the prestigious Magic Circle.
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