Compilation Of Amazing Footage Shows One Man's Adventures Around The World

May 7, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Alex Chacón has spent his last 650 days traveling across five continents in 41 countries, all by motorcycle. In fact, he has used seven motorcycles in the last three years to drive over 131,000 miles. Who is this guy who is as famous for his selfie stick as he is for his 360-degree videos?

Chacón is a University of Texas graduate and medical student who made the decision to sell all of his belongings three years ago and take off to travel the world via motorcycle. He works with different foundations and charities to raise awareness for causes. On his many journeys, Chacón has expressed that he has "faced life endangering situations, bureaucratic difficulties, politics, crime, natural disasters, sleeping in parking lots, running out of money while at the same time raising funds internationally for charity from sponsors and individuals following the journey online." Not bad for the man who uses the hashtag and moniker #EpicSelfieGuy.
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