Conan O'Brien Just Became The First American Talk-Show Host To Visit Cuba In Almost 60 Years

Mar 6, 2015
Last month, Conan O'Brien traveled to Cuba and became the first late-night host in over 50 years to film a show in the country. The last filming done by an American late-night show was in 1959, when Fidel Castro was interviewed by Jack Paar for the "Tonight Show."

O'Brien was interviewed by CNN and shared that soon after President Obama announced in December that he was in talks with Raul Castro regarding re-establishing relations with Cuba, producer Mike Sweeney mentioned that they should go do a show there. The team ran with the idea and hastily put together a trip. His intent was to keep the purpose of his visit as simple as possible. Other than struggling with technology (no cell phone or Wi-Fi services), the trip went smoothly and was without oversight from the government. In the end, O'Brien said he loved the people and called his trip one of the greatest experiences of his life.
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