Creative Dad Dubsmashes His Way Through Fatherhood.
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Fatherhood is hard. Well, I've never been a father myself, but ask any parent and they'll tell you that raising a child takes a village ... plus another village for good measure. Even though I've never been a father, I have been a baby, so I'm familiar with everything my mom and dad had to put up with when they raised me. Crying in the middle of the night. Crying in the middle of the day. Crying in the middle of meals. Basically, if there's an opportunity to cry, a baby is going to cry. 

There are also plenty of moments when they're not crying. A lot of the time, though, babies just kind of sit around and stare. When you're home alone all day with a baby, this can get pretty boring. Unfortunately, there isn't much else you can do besides watch the baby and make sure they don't get into too much trouble. This might sound unexciting to the average parent, the dad in this video is not your average parent.

While home alone with his newborn son Jack, Eric started sending his wife text messages using the "Dubsmash" app. Dubsmash, if you're not familiar, allows you to lip-sync to famous songs and sound bytes. These can be anything from movie quotes to pop songs, and the results are often hilarious. In his first year, Jack and his father became Dubsmash pros. Check out the video below for a compilation of all their best Dubsmashes from 2015.