Dangerous Windstorm Creates Menace On Australian Road

Jan 23, 2015
On December 29th, around 2:15 p.m. a motorist with a dashboard camera captured this video while driving on Maroondah Highway. This part of the highway, called "Black Spur," is just north of Healeesville, Victoria.

As the driver was driving, large gusts of wind begin to throw debris across the road. Suddenly, trees begin to fall all around. The driver, who wishes to remain unidentified, wanted to share this video to warn people of the dangers of wind and trees, especially in open areas.

Victoria is a state in Australia and is located in the southeast portion of the country. It is around 32 miles northeast of Melbourne. This area is known for its wildlife sanctuary and is considered to be in the Australian "bush," which really just means it is outside of major cities, rural and mostly uninhabited.
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