Daredevil Driver Makes 12 "Death Loops" Inside A Giant Spherical Cage

Jun 18, 2015 By Mary Madsen
That driver is the picture of bravery. If you think this stunt looks terrifying (and who doesn't?), you won't be surprised to learn that this spherical cage is commonly known as the Globe of Death.

While the origins of this circus and carnival performance piece are a little murky, many claim the original was crafted by bicycle stuntman Arthur Rosenthal. Famous for his feats of nerve and skill, Rosenthal upped the ante and started riding in the cage on a motorcycle with his partner, Frank Lemon.

Other similar acts were spawned worldwide, with stuntmen in Brazil and Italy achieving fame for their routines. Today, the Urias Daredevils still perform in the globe that their great-grandfather built over 100 years ago.
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