Day Old Otter Pup Falls Asleep On Mom's Belly.

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Whenever I go to an aquarium, I always make sure my first and last stop is the otters. They dive, swim, play with toys and love putting on a show for their audience. Otters can make you happier just by watching them be happy.

This mama otter and her one-day-old pup just reminded everyone why they are the crowd favorites. Together, they spend some adorable bonding time and delight everyone who is watching. 

The special moment took place at the Great Tide Pool in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The crowd of excited onlookers couldn’t help but watch in amazement at the delightful sight taking place before them.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium works hard to give these animals a safe and fun environment. As the narrator says, “There’s no cause for concern, there’s just cause for grabbing your camera.”