Deep-Sea Rover's Rare Encounter With A Sperm Whale Has These Scientists Very Excited.

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Recently, the exploration team aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus (E/V Nautilus) was able to catch a glimpse of something extremely rare using their Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Just off the coast of Louisiana, using ROV Hercules at about 1,900 square feet below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, a sperm whale was recorded in rare, incredible footage. The E/V Nautilus and all her equipment (including Hercules) was designed for research voyages.

With the intention of systematic exploration of geographic ocean regions that little is known about, the typical adventure includes sonar mapping of the seafloor. The vessel is equipped with the latest technology in order to advance the knowledge of the Earth's oceans. Sperm whales are not seen as often as other types of whales due to their long dive times and ability to travel long distances while underwater.