Different Couples Respond To The Same Love Song.

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Songs are powerful things. A song can make you to think back on a loss, fall in love, or inspire you to work harder, among a thousand other reactions. This music video for the Bright Eyes song “First Day Of My Life” showcases the ways a song can affect people. In the clip, couples sit down with headphones and listen to the track, each responding in their own way. 

For some it’s a moment to smile, others tear up thinking about the love they have in their life. A few people sit on their own, contemplating a child growing inside them or a lost loved one. There's also a dog who appears to be enjoying the listening experience. See the way each listener responds, and think about someone you love in your life. Then, maybe let them know with a call or a text. 

You can find "First Day Of My Life" on the album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.