Diver Swims With The Millions Of Inhabitants Of "Jellyfish Lake"

Jun 1, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Diving enthusiast and YouTube user "mikeyk730" recently posted this video that seems like a scene out of "Finding Nemo." The lake he's diving in is called Jellyfish Lake, an isolated marine lake located on one of the several small islands that make up the nation of Palau, located in the Pacific Ocean. The lake is technically connected to the ocean via small tunnels and fissures in the limestone reefs nearby, but is sufficiently isolated enough to have created some notable evolutionary differences between the animals in the lake and those in the lagoons just nearby.

A lack of natural predators has led to an explosion in the jellyfish population in the lake. Local jellyfish have also lost some parts of their appendages that their cousins just a few miles away still have. For many years it was thought that inhabitants of Jellyfish Lake had lost their stingers as well, since they have no predators to use them against, but in reality their sting is just too light for most people to feel. Some divers report being able to feel it if they are stung on sensitive skin areas like the lips, but beyond that these jellyfish are largely harmless.
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