Dogs "Sleds" Down Icy Hill

Jan 10, 2016 By Hannah Austin

Home videos have changed a lot in the past ten years. While upper-middle class families used to be the only ones with camcorders, just about everyone can now shoot videos with their phones. And the videos aren’t bad quality – in fact, they’ve been getting more and more advanced. Add in the popularity of devices like GoPros and simple photo editing technology such as Instagram filters, and you’ll see the way we capture memories is very different than it used to be. 

While it seems like great advancements have been made, there has also been a negative side effect, and that’s the loss of candid shots. The ability to take, delete and re-take has trained many of us to discard anything less than “perfect.” However, some of the best and most memorable moments are the ones you never planned to capture, like this hilarious video of a little girl and her dog. Its spontaneity harkens back to a simpler time

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