Drumming To A Different Perspective.

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All across the country, drum and bugle corps are producing some of the most fun and creative musical performances around. With such a large group of talented performers, they're able to create a rich sound and dazzle audiences with their intricate formations and powerful storytelling. Corps like the Cavaliers, who are featured in this video, brought drum and bugle corps into the public eye by helping found Drum Corps International. The organization puts on over 35 competitions annually, giving this unique art form a venue to wow audiences with their breathtaking spectacles. 

Sometimes, though, it doesn't have to be an elaborate display of coordination and movement to keep people engaged. In fact, a simple stunt can be just as surprising as some of the large-scale ones we’ve seen in the past. These drummers remind us that sometimes all you need to do to wow your audience is look at them a little differently.