Egg Inside Of An Egg!

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To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than waking up early on a weekend and making breakfast. Usually that breakfast is a cup of coffee, toast and of course a few eggs – scrambled with cheese for me, please and thanks. It’s a pretty standard and consistent pattern, so when something doesn’t go according to plan, it will really make my head turn. 

That’s exactly what happened to this man when checked on his chicken coup. He noticed next to all of the normal eggs, there was a massive one that seemed dreadfully out of place. So he decided to pick it up and bring it back inside to examine it. When he realized that there was something strange going on, he picked up his camera to record the action. What he ended up discovering was surprising to say the least. 

After cracking open the egg, he found out that inside the massive egg was a smaller egg. Not exactly what he was expecting to find. Although rare, double eggs are actually a known phenomenon called counter-peristalsis contraction. So if you crack open your eggs on a Sunday morning and find two of them, don’t panic. Just do what this guy did and appreciate the weirdness of it all.