Elephants Caught Drinking From Backyard Pool

Jun 10, 2016

It’s summertime and the temperature is heating up. While the clear, sunny skies are beautiful, the heat can get pretty uncomfortable. It’s hard to stay cool in the summer, but oh-so-necessary. Keeping that A/C cranked is a must, but the best way to chill out is to take a dip in the pool.

Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted was a swimming pool in my backyard. I love the water and there’s no better way to stay in shape than to go for a swim. To wake up in the morning and be able to splash around in my own private aquatic playground would be heaven. And it’s not just humans who enjoy frolicking in the water. My dogs would love to paddle their furry selves around.

Pools require a lot of upkeep, though. You have to clean them regularly, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, you have to deal with your neighbors stopping by constantly looking to cool off in your little oasis. For one woman, her neighbors didn’t even bother to ask for permission before using her pool. One day, after hearing a noise coming from the backyard, she slid open the patio door to find some special guests enjoying her personal swimming hole. Check out the video to see who the sneaky culprits were.

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H/T: DailyPicksandFlicks

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