Ellen Gives 2 Friends A "Big Bang Theory" Surprise

Jan 19, 2015
Ellen DeGeneres always manages to find everyday people that have remarkable stories, and Jesse Kaufman and Jasmine Boden are no different. Both of the teens are from Monroeville, PA, where Jesse first read about Jasmine in the paper.

This young lady had faced Chordoma, a rare form of brain cancer, since she was nine years old. She had endured treatments and several surgeries. Unfortunately, she had also amassed a large pile of medical bills. Her single mother was struggling to pay both those bills and others incurred by the family.

As soon as Jesse read this in the paper, he took out his own twenty-dollar bill and sent it to them. A year later, the two became fifth grade classmates in middle school and a friendship developed that has lasted for the past two years. Ellen featured the pair on her show, because of Jesse's latest gift to his friend, and managed to surprise the two with a Big Bang.
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