Employees Build A Castle In The Middle Of Their Office

Jan 24, 2016 By Jake Brannon

Monday. No other day of the week carries as much dread as the one that comes in between Sunday and Tuesday.

Monday is derived from the Middle English word “Monenday,” which essentially means "moon day." It is technically the second day of the week, but anyone who goes to work or school knows that it's the true first day of the week. Every Monday, groggy students and employees drag themselves out of bed to begin a new work week. It isn't that we dislike going to work or school (though some days we'd rather be anywhere else in the world), but it's tough to get back into the groove of productivity after the weekend.

Some offices understand how boring they can be, and have taken measures to make the day a little more exciting. We especially love this employee who wore a GoPro for an entire day to make work seem more thrilling. Viking, an office supply company, recently challenged their employees to make their desks more exciting to help everyone get over the January blues. Instead of a funky looking plant or quirky stickers, Viking's creative team decided to go all out by building a giant fortress around their desks. Construction took them seven hours total, with an additional two hours to plan it all out. Even though it was exhausting to stay late and construct the massive castle, the guys behind it said that it was worth it when they saw the look on their coworkers' faces. The best part? They only used recyclable materials from around the office! You can read a more detailed description of their build here, but for now, check out the castle in all of its cardboard glory.

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