Environmental Chemist Accidentally Invents An Eco-Friendly Substitute For Cement

Apr 20, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
When David Stone was a PhD student at the University of Arizona, he won an innovation competition with this invention. He was issued a U.S. patent in 2013. Now, he has partnered with Tech Launch Arizona, licensed technology from the University of Arizona and started his own company called Iron Shell to commercialize his invention. So, what is this invention? It is an alternative to cement.

Although cement has been a cornerstone in the building industry for quite some time, its production process is very hard on the environment. Stone discovered what is now called Ferrock (TM), by accident. He was researching to find a way to keep iron from rusting, but by chance, created this new substance. Not only does Ferrock's production not emit CO2, it actually absorbs it. The product is also created from recycled products that normally fill landfills so all-around, it is a fantastic product.
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