Experience 45 Days Of Travel Through Vietnam In Just 3 Minutes

Feb 11, 2015
In September of 2014, Georgy Tarasov and his brother, Daniil Tarasov, spent 45 days traveling through Vietnam. This short film is a documentary of their travels. The video's background music is the song "My Home" by Talisco, a French singer/songwriter.

Backpacking their way through Vietnam, the brothers chose an extremely popular traveling option (particularly among younger people). This alternative method of traveling requires a much smaller budget, and has an added charm of going "off the beaten path." That being said, when it comes to backpacking, research is your best friend. If you're saving money, it's advised that you spend time planning your trip and creating a schedule. This way, you're also less likely to get ripped off for being a tourist.
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