Exploring The Belief That Bad Things Often Come In Pairs Of 3

May 7, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
DNews' YouTube channel recently explored the idea that bad news comes in threes. And, it debunks the urban legend or myth.. In fact, it shocks me to see the amount of news stories and videos that are generated by a simple Google search of the same keywords: Why do bad things happen in threes? In reality, apophenia, or the experience of recognizing patterns or connections in random data, is what is real.

This phenomenon, as DNews explicitly explains, is only further confused by confirmation bias and by Western culture's obsession with threes. Although DNews does an amazing job of explaining how and why a belief such as "bad news comes in threes" is created and perpetuated, it is something that has been believed for years, so therefore, it will be hard for many of us to let it go.
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