Family Goes Organic For 2 Weeks To See How Many Pesticides Their Previous Diet Contained

Jun 9, 2015 By Houston Barber
A Swedish family recently took a challenge to eat only organic food for two weeks to see how it affected their bodies, and what they discovered will change their eating habits forever. The challenge was part of a study by Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. It was all part of a growing campaign in Europe to emphasize the importance of eating organic meals and the dangers of ingesting chemicals that exist in many modern processed foods.

The supermarket chain behind the study is working towards the end goal of having all supermarkets sell exclusively organic foods. While this goal might seem unrealistic or at least a long way off, Coop believes it is possible in the near future if the public is made aware and fully understands the problems with modern food production.
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