Family Members Surprise Each Other With A Special Video Call.

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There are only three weeks left in October, and the holiday season will be upon us before we know it. You'll get together with extended family, eat lots of food, play board games, maybe watch some football and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, some family members live too far away to visit. Whether they moved away for their job or significant other, it doesn't make their absence during the holidays any less difficult.

Families often rely on phone or video calls to interact with distant loved ones, but we all know that it isn't anywhere near as special as seeing them in person. Shaw Communications, a Canadian phone and Internet provider, understands that even its services aren't the best way to bring a family together. That's why Shaw decided to go above and beyond by helping people surprise their families in person last Thanksgiving. Their touching reunions remind us that family isn't just important during the holidays and should be cherished all year round.