Famous Surfer Tries Out A New Jet-Powered Board

Jun 13, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Laird Hamilton is no stranger to tricks out on the water. Hamilton is an American big-wave surfer who also is known for co-inventing tow-in surfing. He has done some occasional modeling, but is usually seen in magazines next to his wife, pro-volleyball player, model and television personality, Gabrielle Reece. It seems that Hamilton has found himself a new water toy, called a Jetsurf. The drone-filmed video was captured on the water behind his home, and he makes it look almost too easy. The Lenny Kravitz song in the background makes the ride seem all the more fun, too.

Jetsurf is headquartered in the Czech Republic, but has authorized Jetsurf dealers in 13 different countries (but not yet in the United States). If U.S. citizens are interested in making a purchase, they can work with their international team of dealers or contact the team via Jetsurf's website. The company offers three different versions of its high-tech surfboard and the specs are also listed on the site. Pricing information is not available, though. A call to a dealer will be needed for that.
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